How ever you wrap it up, I think, most photographers will admit that their art is one of Voyeurism! 

Further its all about the recognition for ones endeavours, no matter extreme or not, to have caught that pivotal moment when something, out of the blue, appears, which humours, startles, amazes or horrifies the photographer.the moment must be captures, as if driven my an obsession to keep that unique split second.of course the most obvious would be moments of war. i think, while trying to distance a second parallel, for reasons of reverence, sporting achievement, could find itself in this category, too. 

however, on a personal tangent perhaps, my work is, in my mind, all about the ordinary appearing surprising, entertaining, unusually and randomly playing with the viewers perception of reality!

It entertains me, in that first instance, in what I see and therefore feel compelled to take that moment to share it with the viewer.its really what anyone would strive to attain with even holiday snaps, however i do consider may work to be a little more than a 'snap'!!!!

 to conclude, i've hoped to convey to you, the viewer, how i see the world.i am looking for a wider audience, via exhibition or by publishing. i have, obviously,  a wider selection of images in my portfolio and welcome the opportunity to show my photographs to all prospective curators and publishers.

Below is a brief outline of my career achievements starting with:


*My first camera was made of black plastic and the film cost more than the camera!

*I studied Photography at Ealing Technical College and after graduating went on to join the BBC Film Department as a Camera assistant.

*Later I became a Camerawoman and the places I visited helped to create some of the unique and interesting photographs in my portfolio.

*The digital era made the production of my still photographs so much easier.

*I exhibited my work in a show called 'Behind the Blink' in richmond, surrey.

*2 years later i was commissioned to create a photographic canvas for exhibit in 'The hospital club' london wc2.

*I've had great success in online competitions such as 'International Color Awards', 'Black and White Spider Awards' and 'PX3' where i've won numerous awards including 'Photographer of the Year' with first place given to a snow scene -'White Out', from the International Colour Awards.

*Last year I was commissioned to created a set of portraits for the 'Somerville Foundation', featuring people who have had major heart surgery.

* I've been invited to create a series of photographs to be exhibited in the halls of westminster.

*finally, I am, presently working on a collection of photographs, potentially, becoming my first book.



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