Critique from Magnum of the photos above

"I enjoyed looking, you have a gift for capturing the moment, for finding quirky relationships within your frame, and for keeping things minimal and to the point.

I have taken the liberty of re-sequencing your photographs, for my feelings toward them, which are often humourous, sometimes poignant, glimpses into humanity.

I have placed the elements of water first, the brooding male silhouette in the rain leads us nicely in. Image 2&4are perfect strips of colour and geometry. Image 3 lacks the poetic mood of the others. Image 5, the couple in the sand, is perhaps my favourite because with utter simplicity, it tells a story that is both beautiful and timely inn these days of migration. Images 6&7 work well as a pair, surreal and eerie, love the colour.Image 8 is a perfect decisive moment, reminds me of Andre Kertesz. 9is funny, it could be Martin Parr, but II am not sure it has the same complexity as your other photographs. And finally the portrait is wonderful, both formal and casual, intense, great catch!

The good news is that your love and penchant for this medium are evident. Keep it up!!"


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